Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, suggestions, or any other type of feedback. I am also available for consulting work related to the topics discussed on my blog, as well as general work involving programming in several languages (C, C++, PHP, and Node.js, others are negotiable).

In particular, if you’ve got a question or would like to learn about something related to what I write about or computer science, electrical engineering, or computer engineering in general, please feel free to submit your question and hopefully I can answer it with a post providing an in-depth explanation.

I can be reached in these ways:

  • On twitter, as @ButteryGreg
  • On discord, as ButteryGreg#2112
  • Via email, as gmalysa-at-alumni-dot-stanford-dot-edu (if this is confusing, see my github profile for a link)