I am an electrical engineer whose interests include computer architecture, analog circuit design, digital signal processing, and programming in a wide variety of languages. I do a lot of hands-on implementation work, such as doing PCB layout, assembling prototypes, and writing software for both embedded and general purpose systems. I also enjoy research and do many academic or proof-of-concept projects just to see if something can be done. If it involves electricity, I probably think it is interesting.

I am currently working for Timesys Corporation as a Principal Engineer, often involved in security (OP-TEE, Secure Boot), driver development, or a weirdly large amount of networking stuff (like modifying switch drivers and writing eBPF programs + extensions to accomplish customer-directed goals). Most recently I've been part of a team developing the Analog Devices SC5xx BSP, including TEE, U-Boot, and Linux support. In the past, I worked on Radar and Lidar signal processing at TI as part of the Perception and Analytics Lab, where we developed the first version of the PercepTIon Toolkit , although it has been substantially improved since the time I was last involved! Before that I was a PhD student at Stanford University where I studied radar signal processing before leaving to join TI. My posts here are my own and do not represent current or past employers in any way, and in general I do not write about things related to my job activities.

This blog is made using a combination of technologies:

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